The Montgomery County Planning Board Agenda

Thursday, January 17, 2008


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8787 Georgia Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3760

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Please note:

  1. Unless otherwise noted, Planning Board meetings are held on Thursdays and begin at 9 a.m. The agenda is subject to change and certain items may be postponed or added.
  2. The Planning Board encourages public testimony unless otherwise noted on the agenda. Written testimony is encouraged. Refer to the Planning Board Rules of Procedure for more information on public testimony.
  3. Occasionally due to time constraints, the Planning Board may limit the total amount of time dedicated to public testimony. Total time limits will be listed on the agenda.
  4. Sign up online or call 301/495-4600 to testify on any agenda item in advance of a hearing.
  5. Listen to the Planning Board proceedings live on our website: Or on Thursdays, call 301/495-1333 for a recorded message on the status of the agenda.
  6. The Planning Board makes the final decision on any agenda items with an (*). On such matters, Maryland law and the Planning Board’s Rules of Procedure prohibit any member of the public from directly contacting or communicating with Board members outside the public hearing setting. See the Outside Communications section of the Planning Board’s Rules of Procedure for more information.


9:00 am Planning Board Meeting (MRO Auditorium)


9:00 AM Consent Agenda
Item *1 Adoption of Opinions/Resolutions

Group A: All Five Commissioners Eligible to Vote [Commissioners Bryant, Cryor, Hanson, Lynch and Robinson]

i) Site Plan No. 820060330, Petruccelli’s Corner; ADOPTION OF CORRECTED RESOLUTION No.: 07-95

Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved.

ii) Preliminary Plan No. 120060410, Heller Realty East; ADOPTION OF RESOLUTION No. 08-16

Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved.

iii) Preliminary Plan No.12007032A, Shady Grove Parcels 6 & 7 - Phase II: ADOPTION OF RESOLUTION No. 08-12

Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved.

iv) Site Plan No. 820080020, 6110 Oberlin Avenue; ADOPTION OF RESOLUTION No. 08-04

Planning Boad Action/Decision: Approved.

Item *2 Record Plats

Subdivision Plat No. 220071550 - 220071570, Rock Creek Woods
RT-8 zone; 30 lots, 6 parcels; located on the west side of Baltimore Road, approximately 1,600 feet north of Twinbrook Parkway; Aspen Hill. Staff Recommendation: Approval

Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved.


Subdivision Plat No. 220080530 - 220080540, Greenway Village
PD-4 zone; 6 parcels; located on the south side of Skylark Road, approximately 3,400 feet west of Ridge Road (MD 27); Clarksburg. Staff Recommendation: Approval

Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved.

9:00 AM Hearings on Applications


Item *3 Preliminary Plan No. 120060710, Sutton Property

R. Weaver


RE-2 zone; 25 acres; 7 lots requested; 7 one-family detached dwelling units; located at the northern terminus of Centurion Way and on the eastern side of McCrossin Lane; Potomac; Staff Recommendation: Approval

Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved with conditions.

Item *4 Project Plan Review No. 91992004B (Formerly 9-92004B), 4 Bethesda Metro Center Extension Request

J. Sloan


CBD-3 zone; 3.48 acres; 12,800 gross square feet retail, 233,284 gross square feet office; located at the southwest quadrant of the intersection of Old Georgetown Road and Wisconsin Avenue; Bethesda Staff Recommendation: Approve Extension Request

Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved.

Item *5 Project Plan Review No. 920080060, (Formerly 9-07006), Bonifant Plaza Extension Request

J. Sloan


CBD-1 zone; .59157 acres; 72 multi-family dwelling units, including 9 MPDUs; located on Bonifant Street, approximately 135 feet east of Georgia Avenue; Silver Spring Staff Recommendation: Approve Extension Request

Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved.

Item 6 Review and comment on Administrative water and sewer category change requests

K. Nelson/M. Dolan


AD 2008-1 Staff Recommendation: Approval of Staff Recommendations

Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved Staff Recommendations.



Item 7 Review of County Council Legislation:

M. Dolan


Bill 29-07, Environmental Sustainability - Climate Protection - Motor Vehicles
Bill 30-07, Buildings - Energy Efficiency
Bill 31-07, Real Property, Energy Performance Audits
Bill 32-07, Environmental Sustainability - Climate Protection Plan
Bill 33-07, Renewable Energy
Bill 34-07, Planning Procedures - Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Bill 35-07, Consumer Protection - Energy and Environmental Advocacy


12:00 PM Lunch
Item 14 Closed Session: SilverPlace - Added
M. Riley Pursuant to Annotated Code of Maryland, State Government Article, Section 10-508(a)(3) to consider acquisition of real property.
1:00 PM Planning Board Meeting Continues (MRO Auditiorium)
1:00 PM Park Items - 8 and 9
Item 8 Board Worksession and Action on Nominations for Legacy Open Space - REVISED (2/15/12)

J. Hench


(Public Hearing was held on November 15th, No Additional Testimony will be taken)
  Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved Beverly Property/ Broad Run Watershed, Wild Acres/Govenor Mansion Property, Hickey Offut, Ireland Drive/National Park Seminary Carriage Trails, and Selden Island/Walker Village Site. Denied Ireland Drive/National Park Seminary Carriage Trails and Montgomery College of Art and Design and Edson Lane Forest. - REVISED 2/15/12
Item 9 ICC Environmental Stewardship Projects

D. Redmond


Special Protection Area Best Management Practices PB-122 through PB-129. Biotrenches to promote infiltration of stormwater in road rights-of-way in the Upper Paint Branch Special Protection Area Staff Recommendation: Approval

  Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved Staff Recommendations.
Item 10 Purple Line Functional Master Plan

T. Autrey/ K. Holt


Final Version – Purple Line Functional Master Plan Purpose & Outreach Report and Update on Purple Line Planning Update Staff Recommendation: Approval of report and transmittal of request to Maryland Department of Transportation to provide 90 day circulation (review) period for Purple Line Draft Environmental Impact Statement/Alternatives Analysis (DEIS/AA)

(No Public Testimony will be Taken)

  Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved Staff Recommendations.
Item 13 Local Area Transportation Review and Policy Area Mobility Review Guidelines Worksession - POSTPONED

D. Hardy


Staff Recommendation: Adopt Revised Guidelines

(Continuation of Item #7 from January 10, 2008. No additional public testimony will be taken.)


Item 11

Roundtable Discussion Including Briefings and Worksessions

(No public testimony will be taken at this time)


A. Approval of Minutes

Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved.

B. Commissioner's Report

C. Director's Report

D. Shady Grove Report

E. Forest Conservation Law Amendments

F. TDR Status Report and Tracking

G. Development Districts - POSTPONED

6:00 PM Dinner
7:30 PM Planning Board Meeting Continues (MRO Auditiorium)
Item 12

Worksession #3 Twinbrook Sector Plan

J. Daniel

Staff Recommendation: Approval to Transmit to County Council

  Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved Staff Recommendations with changes.





Planning Board Seeks Public Comment on
Water and Sewer Category Change Requests
And General Water/Sewer Map Amendments

The Planning Board will hear testimony and consider recommendations for the water and sewer category change requests listed below on Thursday, January 17, 2008. These applications request that community water and/or sewer service be extended to individual properties. Recommendations from the Planning Board will be presented to the County Executive since administrative cases are not required to go before the County Council.
A public hearing on the administrative cases will take place on January 23, 2008 at the Department of Environmental Protection in Rockville.
Case Number Applicant/ Owner and Property Location Master Plan Area
WSCCR 08A-DAM-01 MCGrady – 24700 Kings Valley Road Damascus
WSCCR 08A-FAI-01 Adetobi-Folawiyo – 15200 McKnew Road Fairland
WSCCR 08A-FAI-02 Kushawha – 4011-4101 Sandy Spring Road Fairland
WSCCR 08A-OLN-02 Girl Scouts – 120 Brighton Dam Road Olney
WSCCR 08A-POT-01 Noshirvani – 10700 Burbank Drive Potomac
WSCCR 08A-POT-02 Sullivan – 9921 New London Drive Potomac
WSCCR 08A-TRV-04 Meil – 12425 Rivers Edge Drive Potomac
WSCCR 08A-TRV-05 Tehrani – 1 Travilah Terrace Potomac
WSCCR 08A-URC-01 Kline – 6720 Olney Laytonsville Road Olney


Go to the Planning Board’s website after January 4, 2008 for the staff report and to see the position on the agenda (/agenda/agenda_home.shtm). Written comments are also welcomed prior to the Planning Board Hearing and should be addressed to: Royce Hanson, Chairman, Montgomery County Planning Board, 8787 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20910, or sent via email to:
For staff questions contact Katherine Nelson at 301-495-4622 or
See also the Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP’s) website at,
or call DEP (240-777-7700).