The Montgomery County Planning Board Agenda

Monday, September 8, 2008

POSTED - August 25, 2008

Last Update:September 2, 2008 5:30 PM


8787 Georgia Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3760

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Please note:

  1. Unless otherwise noted, Planning Board meetings are held on Thursdays and begin at 9 a.m. The agenda is subject to change and certain items may be postponed or added.
  2. The Planning Board encourages public testimony unless otherwise noted on the agenda. Written testimony is encouraged. Refer to the Planning Board Rules of Procedure for more information on public testimony.
  3. Occasionally due to time constraints, the Planning Board may limit the total amount of time dedicated to public testimony. Total time limits will be listed on the agenda.
  4. Sign up online or call 301-495-4600 to testify on any agenda item in advance of a hearing.
  5. Listen to the Planning Board proceedings live on our website: Or on Thursdays, call 301-495-1333 for a recorded message on the status of the agenda.
  6. The Planning Board makes the final decision on any agenda items with an (*). On such matters, Maryland law and the Planning Board’s Rules of Procedure prohibit any member of the public from directly contacting or communicating with Board members outside the public hearing setting. See the Outside Communications section of the Planning Board Rules of Procedure for more information.

The Montgomery County Planning Board is no longer mailing meeting agendas to county residents and associations. To stay involved, consider subscribing to our weekly e-newsletter, InfoShare


item 1 Water Sewer Category Changes


Proposed Amendments: Montgomery County Comprehensive Water Supply and Sewerage Systems Plan-July 2008

  Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved with change
Item 2 Worksession: Healthy & Sustainable Communities Indicators Report

M. Dolan

The Planning Board will consider the staff draft report and comments received before and during this session regarding the appropriate goals and indicators to assess healthy and sustainable communities, as part of a series of such indicators efforts coordinated with the County Executive.

Staff recommendation: Approval to Transmit to County Council

  Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved
Item 3 Discussion: Enterprise Division Task Force Report

K. Warnick

History of the Enterprise Division and recommendations for the future.

Planning Board Action/Decision: Discussion only, no vote taken



Planning Board Seeks Public Comment on
Water and Sewer Category Change Requests
And General Water/Sewer Map Amendments


The Planning Board will hear testimony and consider recommendations for the water and sewer category change requests listed below on Monday, September 8, 2008. The applicants listed below request that community water and/or sewer service be extended to individual properties. Recommendations from the Planning Board will be presented to the County Council. The Council will hold a public hearing for these cases on Tuesday September 9, 2008 at 7:30 pm.

Case Number Applicant/Owner and Property Location Master Plan Area

219 Ednor Road, LLC

WSCCR 08A-DAM-01 McGrady – 24700 Kings Valley Road:

4011-4101 Sandy Spring Road, LLC



Burtonsville Associates 16000 Columbia Pike



Bawa & Verma – 13517 Glen Mill Road



Kline – 6720 Olney Laytonsville Road



In addition to the above cases, the Planning Board will also consider the Department of Environmental Protection’s recommendation for the following:

Go to the Planning Board’s website after August 25, 2008 for the staff report and to see this items’ position on the agenda ( Written comments are also welcomed prior to the Planning Board Hearing and should be addressed to: Royce Hanson, Chairman, Montgomery County Planning Board, 8787 Georgia Avenue,Silver Spring, MD 20910, or sent via email to:


For staff questions contact Katherine Nelson at 301-495-4622 or See also the Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP’s) website:,
or call DEP (240-777-7700).