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Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission

Growing Right

Growing Right anchorProduced in partnership with County Cable Montgomery and hosted by Susan Kenedy, Growing Right highlights the Montgomery County Board’s monthly activities, ranging from development applications to parks programs to county-wide planning initiatives. The show covers the most important Planning Board decisions of the month in a lively format that includes interviews with board members and planners as well as onsite location shots.

Also see us on our other educational programs, Montgomery Plans and the Parks Show.


2009 2008

June/July 2010

Françoise Carrier takes the helm of the Planning Board as its newest chair
Environmental planners report on the success of the Leaves for Neighborhoods program, where homeowners can receive $25 off a native tree worth at least 75 dollars at a participating nurseries
The Board completes a mandatory referral of the proposed Silver Spring Library to ensure the project will integrate into downtown Silver Spring. The seven-story building to be built at Wayne Avenue and Fenton Street is being designed to accommodate a station for the proposed Purple Line.

May 2010

At Park and Planning Headquarters, staff have planted a community garden to green up their workplace and demonstrate to the community in a visible way the benefits of growing vegetables in public places.
The Planning Board recommends against a zoning text amendment that would streamline approval of a gas station in certain zones, an action in response to a plan by Costco to open a store in Wheaton with a 16-pump gas station.
The Board approves a set of urban design guidelines for Twinbrook intended to recreate the community as a walkable place with access to Metro and parkland.

April 2010

The Planning Board approves the first set of plans for a mixed-use project anchored by a Safeway grocery store in downtown Wheaton.
The Planning Board considers a menu of public benefits to be part of new Commercial-Residential zones.
The ReThink Montgomery speaker series focuses on connecting a host of elements -- culture, health, food, knowledge, ecology and more – and how they should be considered as part of planning to create quality places.

March 2010

The Planning Board approves the Purple Line Functional Plan, a series of recommendations for the proposed transit line's route, mode and stations
A concept plan review of the National Cancer Institute's proposed consolidation and move to the Shady Grove Life Sciences Center includes a Board review of transportation needs
The Planning Board welcomes Commissioner Norman Dreyfuss

February 2010

An update on the Zoning Code rewrite, which will play a role in bringing quality development by encouraging green buildings, compact development and better public amenities
Plans for a unique book that will showcase the Kensington photo contest, run last fall by the Planning Department and the Town of Kensington to encourage residents to show what they liked best about their community as part of the latest sector plan.
Work sessions on the county's Water Resources Plan, which examines land use, growth and stormwater management as it relates to drinking water, wastewater treatment capacity and regulatory requirements.

January 2010

The Planning Board approves the scope of work for the Long Branch Sector Plan
Plans to build a town center in the town of Clarksburg inch closer to reality
Planners present a new online, interactive map to inform the public about how to respect forest conservation easements

2009 Episodes

November/December 2009

Watch. Highlights include:

  • A proposal to streamline the development process to make it less complicated for residents and developers but not sacrifice the quality of reviews
  • Revisions to the Master Plan of Highways, which will address inconsistencies between road policies
  • The Planning Board approves a proposal that will bring a new, mixed use LEED-certified building to Georgia Avenue

October 2009

Watch. Highlights include:

  • The board presents its semi-annual report to the County Council
  • A proposal to tighten up enforcement regulations moves ahead
  • The Planning Board welcomes Commissioner Marye Wells-Harley

September 2009

Watch. Highlights include:

  • A recap of the Planning Board's recommendations for the 2009-2011 Growth Policy, transmitted to the County Council in July
  • Three new sites recommended for historic designation – Greenwich Forest, the Bureau of Animal Industry (also known as the Norwood Recreation Building) and Higgins Cemetery
  • The whys and wherefores of the Planning Department's new Leaves for Neighborhoods tree coupon program

July 2009

Rollin StanleyWatch. Highlights include:

  • The month was the busiest on record for the Planning Board, which wrapped up five major initiatives --  the growth policy, housing plan, the master plans for White Flint and Gaithersburg West and a new commercial residential zone -- and sent them on to the County Council.
  • In light of environmental concerns, the Planning Board agreed with planner recommendations to revise part of the 1994 Clarksburg Master Plan to address ways to protect the Ten Mile Creek watershed. 
  • The popular Sligo Creek Golf Course will officially be turned over to the Department of Parks on October 1 after having been run by the county Revenue Authority for 3 years. The planning board held a session to contemplate what the future could hold for the 65-acre park site.

June 2009

Transportation planner Justin ClarkeWatch. Highlights include:

  • The Planning Board considers a new sector plan for the Town of Kensington, one of the county’s most historic areas
  • The annual school capacity test puts residential subdivision applications near three school clusters in moratorium
  • The board considers creating a new group of mixed-use development zones

May 2009

Transportation planner Justin ClarkeWatch. Highlights include:

  • A zoning change requested by developers of Fairland, a new residential development proposed for Eastern Montgomery County, gets the go-ahead from the Planning Board
  • Transportation planners present their annual highway mobility report tracking how well residents get around in the county
  • The Planning Department begins work on a design challenge that could shape the future of growth nationwide

April 2009

Life sciences office buildingsWatch. Highlights include:

  • The Planning Board began considering the Gaithersburg West Master Plan, which updates the vision for the Shady Grove Life Sciences Center.
  • Montgomery County’s growth policy, which is developed biannually by the Planning Board, guides growth…primarily uncroweded schools and traffic free roads. Planners are drafting the next growth policy to focus on enhancing the quality of our communities.
  • The Department of Parks takes steps to reduce energy use and save county dollars.

March 2009

Holy Cross Hospital signHoly Cross Hospital has applied for a zoning special exception to expand in Silver Spring.

Watch. Highlights include:

  • The Board considers an innovative plan that examines our future housing needs.
  • A proposed zoning change that would allow expansion at Holy Cross Hospital gets an initial endorsement.
  • The Board approves a much-needed facelift for a prime piece of real estate in downtown Silver Spring.

February 2009

Carl Elefante's "Greening Existing Properties" presentation.

Watch. Highlights include:

  • Continued work on the draft White Flint Sector Plan, now in worksessions before the Planning Board.
  • The Planning Board kicks off a new speaker series that focuses on sustainable development.
  • Commissioner John Robinson discusses the board's accomplishments during his tenure as he finishes up his final term.

January 2009

Pedestrians cross Georgia Ave.Pedestrians cross Georgia Avenue

Watch. Highlights include:

  • The Planning Board votes for a light rail system for the proposed Purple Line.
  • A new planning study takes a look at the future of one of the county's busiest corridors, Georgia Avenue.
  • The Planning Board approves the second phase of development for Woodstock Equestrian Park.

Date of last update: May 24, 2010