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Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission

Tips: Printing and Downloading

Try these various tips to improve your printing and downloading.

  • Install the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader. Go to Adobe.
  • Use the "print" feature within Adobe Reader rather than on your browser toolbar.
  • Try downloading the file first and then printing. Put your cursor over the the file (link) you want and right click. Select "Save Target As" and save it to your desktop. Once it is downloaded, click on the file and then print it when it appears on your screen in Adobe Reader.
  • Try changing your printer settings. Some people report that the first page comes out only partially while the rest of the document prints fine. In many cases, changing the margin settings (a feature in some printer menus) can aleviate this problem. In the printer menu look for "Page Scaling". Set it to "none" and print the first page.
  • Printing the pdf as an image is also another possible technique. Look for "Print as Image" either on the first screen of the printer menu or under "Advanced". Set this option and then try printing your document.

What we do to avoid problems

To make downloading faster and easier, we take large files and compress them using a pdf tool that can cut file sizes up to 50 percent from their original scanned or distilled version. Next, if needed, we cut files into pieces roughly no larger than 1 or 2 MB.

Although we would like to make all of our documents fully searchable, we found that when we made scanned documents searchable, Mac users could not view the documents. We have since stopped making scanned documents searchable.


We monitor how well our services are working. Please e-mail us with problems or questions.

Gary Goodwin, Web Coordinator