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Thursday, October 9, 2014

REVISED: Tuesday, October 7, 2014 - 9:25 am

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Item 1

Consent Agenda


*A. Adoption of Resolutions 


*B. Record Plats 

Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved.
  Subdivision Plat No. 220121900 – 220121910, 220130970, Cabin Branch
RMX-2 zone, street dedications; located at the terminus of Broadway Avenue and Byrne Park Drive; Clarksburg Master Plan.
Staff Recommendation: Approval
  Subdivision Plat No. 220131500 – 220131510, Cloverleaf Center
TMX-2 zone,1 parcel; located on the east side of Century Boulevard at the intersection of Cloverleaf Center Drive; Germantown Sector Plan.
Staff Recommendation: Approval


*C. Other Consent Items 

Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved.

Country Club Village (6124 Verne Street), Preliminary Plan Amendment No. 12008033A

R-60 zone, 0.67 acres, Request to amend the tree save plan to address changes to the LOD in condition #2 (no change to condition), located on the south side of Verne Street approximately 600 feet west of River Road, Bethesda Chevy-Chase Master Plan

Staff Recommendation: Approval of the Consent Agenda and Draft Resolution


*D. Approval of Minutes  

Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved.
  Minutes of September 18, 2014  
Item 2

Roundtable Discussion

Parks Director's Report

Planning Board Action/Decision: Discussion.
Item 3

Biannual Sustainability Plan – Montgomery Departments

Presentation of the Montgomery Department of Parks and Planning Department Biannual Sustainability Plan July 2014 – June 2016, by the Montgomery Sustainability Committee in compliance with Practice No. 6-40

J. Nissel/C.McGrew/E. Bennett

Planning Board Action/Decision: Discussion.
Item 4 Bennett Creek Conservation Park

Authorization to acquire 255.8 260.0 acres, more or less, unimproved, from the Estate of Margaret T. Snow, located at west of MD Rte. 124 27 (Ridge Road), south of Bellison Road, Damascus, Maryland 20872

Staff Recommendation: Approval

W. Gries

Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved.
Item 5 Georgia Avenue Interchange with Norbeck Road

Authorization to acquire 2.5 acres, more or less, unimproved, with Advance Land Acquisition Revolving Funds (ALARF) from Small’s Nursery, LLC located west of Georgia Avenue, north of Norbeck Road, Rockville, Maryland 20853

Staff Recommendation: Approval

W. Gries

Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved.
Item *6

Allanwood: Preliminary Plan No. 120140150

Request to subdivide Parcel 145 to create three one-family detached lots on 5.6 acres of land in the R-200 Zone; located at the southeast quadrant of the intersection with Norbeck Road and Woods Center Road, Silver Spring in the Aspen Hill Master Plan area.
Staff Recommendation: Approval with conditions and Adoption of Resolution

C. Gilbert

Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved with modified conditions.
Item 7

Subdivision Regulation Amendment No. 13-03
To limit the number of agencies required to approve a record plat; and to generally amend the provisions relating to the approval of record plats. Staff Recommendation: Transmit Comments to County Council
(Action required for County Council public hearing of 10/14/14)

G. Russ

Planning Board Action/Decision: Approved.
Item 8

Aspen Hill Minor Master Plan Amendment: Worksession No. 1

Possible Topics: Land Use, Zoning, Design Guidelines, and Transportation

A. Gilles

1:30 pm ADJOURN  

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